Some Of The Best Chainsaws On The Market

For those homeowners who are lucky enough to have extensive properties – with underbrush or trees, a chainsaw can be one of the most useful tools that they will ever own. But buying a chainsaw can be a complex business – there is simply so much choice. There are electric models, gas-powered units and even battery-powered chainsaws. Then there is the choice of weight, power and blade length.

Some of the best chainsaws on the market.

Firstly let’s take a look at one of the ‘Big Boys’ – the Husqvarna ’20 Inch 455 Rancher’ Gas Chainsaw. This is the go-to choice for landowners who really need a heavy-duty chainsaw. This gas-powered chainsaw is a 55.5cc 20-inch model with a guide bar and chain for extra safety. At 12.8 lbs it’s fairly easy to handle, but that extra power is welcome when dealing with heavy-duty tasks.

At just over $400 this chainsaw offers incredible value for money – and should last years if cared for properly. Husqvarna has built an enviable reputation when it comes to chainsaws – and for good reason.

Timber Wolf Chainsaw from Japan

Then we get to a real monster, the Timber Wolf Chainsaw from Japan. This chainsaw is powered by a 59.8cc gas motor. If this beast cannot deal with the task at hand then it may very well be time to call in the professionals.

It’s just about as tough as any chainsaw out there – and the manufacturer has such faith in its unbreakability that it comes with a five-year warranty. With a 20 inch blade, this is the unit that is ready and willing to take on the heaviest tasks.


Now let’s take a look at something slightly different. The DEWALT 40V 4AH Lithium-Ion powered battery chainsaw. It has a 16-inch blade, but that should be more than sufficient for most common backyard tasks. However, those who are considering the purchase of this chainsaw need to be aware that the battery adds some considerable weight to this model. It comes in at a hefty 18.74 pounds. And it is also worth noting that the warranty is only for 90 days.


Shopping for a chainsaw need not be the stress-inducing task that many make it out to be. If in doubt simply ask a shop assistant for help. And make sure to shop around so that you can find a chainsaw at the right price point. there are plenty of online retailers who offer some exceptional deals.

Those in the market for a chainsaw should start online. If nothing else the reviews are a great guide for newbies to the chainsaw game.

How To Choose The Right Chainsaw

Chainsaws have been used for decades to ease the work of cutting wood. While the general design of chainsaws hasn’t changed much over the last four decades, technological advancements have led to the introduction of a wider variety of options characterized by new features designed to enhance the efficiency of these useful machines.

To help you choose the right chainsaw for all your wood cutting needs, read the following chainsaw buying guide.

Intended Application

To ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right chainsaw it is important to start by considering the intended application. Different types of chainsaws are designed to be used in different applications.

For instance, if you need a lot of power, gas powered chainsaws are your best option. However, electric options, though quite powerful, are best suited to lighter tree cutting jobs, such as felling smaller trees, pruning and trimming.

Power Options

There are two main power options when it comes to chainsaws, gas and electric powered. A gas and oil mixture fuels the more powerful gas chainsaws. Electric chainsaws on the other hand may be corded or cordless. The former draws power from an electrical outlet through a power cord, while the latter is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Safety Features

All chainsaws, whether gas or electric powered, are quite powerful; and working with them can be quite risky. To minimize the risk of accidents when working with chainsaws, it is essential for you to choose a machine that comes with a variety of useful safety features.

Low kickback bars reduce the risk of the saw being kicked back and up when it encounters an obstacle when cutting through wood. A chain break feature on is another useful safety feature that stops the chain when it encounters any impact during cutting.

Overall Ease Of Use

For those with limited knowledge and experience when it comes to using chainsaws, choosing an easy to use machine will make things easier when you start cutting. Simple controls that are easily accessible make a chainsaw much easier to use. Other features such as spring assist start and automatic oiler also make it simpler for you to use these machines.

With the wide variety of chainsaws available today, finding the right machine for your intended application is definitely possible. And, with the above list of tips in mind, making the right choice will be much easier.

How To Select The Best Electric Chainsaw For Your DIY Projects

As more people start relying less on expert help in handling tasks at home such as pruning trees and cutting trees, tools such as electric chainsaws have become a common feature in many homes.

If you are a handy around your home or a DIY enthusiast, you may be confused on the best electric chainsaw to acquire given the many models with different design features in the market. Read on to get some simple yet useful tips on how to find the best electric chainsaw that will suit your needs.

Current/Future Chainsaw Uses

First, you should consider the current and future uses of the tool. Ask yourself, which type of trees will I be cutting? Will I be using the chainsaw frequently? The frequency of use and the purpose of the tool will help you in determining the best size and strength of the chainsaw you are about to purchase.

Electric chainsaw models come with motors of varying strength. In order to determine the most appropriate engine strength, consider whether you will be doing lightweight or heavy DIY tasks. For heavy and daily tasks, you will need an electric chainsaw that has high Amps output.

Size & Weight of the Chainsaw

It is also important that you consider the size and weight of the chainsaw. Remember that bigger chainsaws will be harder to maneuver compared to smaller models. To determine the right size, you should gauge the type of work that the saw will be put into and your level of experience in handling chainsaws.

If you are relatively green when it comes to handling chainsaws, start with small models and level up as your level of proficiency increases.

Safety Tips

Safety is another concern that should be at the top of your mind. Remember different models have different safety designs. When purchasing an electric chainsaw, make sure you acquire a tool that places a lot of emphasis on user safety. Some of the safety features to look out for include:

• The presence of a hand guard
• A chain brake that can protect you in case the chain mechanism bumps into something as you are working
• An easy to find and trigger stop mechanism
• Low vibration levels to minimize fatigue when using the tool

Consider Budget

It is also important to consider the price of the electric chainsaw you are about to purchase. If you are only going to use the tool a few times, it does not make sense to pour all your savings into the purchase.

After finding the right electric chainsaw, ensure that you carry out the recommended maintenance practices to keep your tool in prime operating condition.