How To Choose The Right Chainsaw

Chainsaws have been used for decades to ease the work of cutting wood. While the general design of chainsaws hasn’t changed much over the last four decades, technological advancements have led to the introduction of a wider variety of options characterized by new features designed to enhance the efficiency of these useful machines.

To help you choose the right chainsaw for all your wood cutting needs, read the following chainsaw buying guide.

Intended Application

To ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right chainsaw it is important to start by considering the intended application. Different types of chainsaws are designed to be used in different applications.

For instance, if you need a lot of power, gas powered chainsaws are your best option. However, electric options, though quite powerful, are best suited to lighter tree cutting jobs, such as felling smaller trees, pruning and trimming.

Power Options

There are two main power options when it comes to chainsaws, gas and electric powered. A gas and oil mixture fuels the more powerful gas chainsaws. Electric chainsaws on the other hand may be corded or cordless. The former draws power from an electrical outlet through a power cord, while the latter is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Safety Features

All chainsaws, whether gas or electric powered, are quite powerful; and working with them can be quite risky. To minimize the risk of accidents when working with chainsaws, it is essential for you to choose a machine that comes with a variety of useful safety features.

Low kickback bars reduce the risk of the saw being kicked back and up when it encounters an obstacle when cutting through wood. A chain break feature on is another useful safety feature that stops the chain when it encounters any impact during cutting.

Overall Ease Of Use

For those with limited knowledge and experience when it comes to using chainsaws, choosing an easy to use machine will make things easier when you start cutting. Simple controls that are easily accessible make a chainsaw much easier to use. Other features such as spring assist start and automatic oiler also make it simpler for you to use these machines.

With the wide variety of chainsaws available today, finding the right machine for your intended application is definitely possible. And, with the above list of tips in mind, making the right choice will be much easier.

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